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With company headquarters in Kolding, Denmark, we are able to source exceptional dressage horses throughout Europe while enjoying summers in Califon, New Jersey and competitive winters in Wellington, Florida.

"Khiimori" is Mongolian for Windhorse, a spirit deity in Tibetan Buddhism.  The Windhorse represents the soul of sentient beings and is said to bring peace, wealth and harmony when it appears.  Windhorse traditionally carries the Three Jewels of Buddhism:  the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

NorCordia USA


Located among the hidden and winding roads of New Jersey's Hunterdon County, Khiimori is the summer location for Team NorCordia. Owned and managed by Catherine Haddad, this seventy-two acres of hay, forest and equestrian property is as inviting to the eye as it is to all other senses. Horses, dogs and people find a feeling of peace and well-being at the farm.

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