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About NorCordia

NorCordia is the leading professional selection and training group offering unique sporthorse investment portfolio opportunities for both investors and horse enthusiasts. Through prioritizing the welfare of horses, NorCordia cultivates harmonious, lifelong partnerships between horse and rider.


The NorCordia Difference

Boasting a collective experience of over 70 years, our extensive network spans across Europe, Asia, and the U.S.A. Our team of experienced professionals meticulously evaluates and selects high-potential horses to build a diverse and lucrative portfolio. 


Through our comprehensive understanding of the industry, market trends, and the discerning eye of our experts, we carefully consider factors such as breeding, performance history, training alignment, and market demand to curate a portfolio that delivers financial growth and aligns with our unwavering commitment to equine welfare.


By combining our expertise in the equestrian industry with sound financial acumen, we strive to create sustainable growth and exceptional investment opportunities for our valued portfolio investors. At NorCordia, we are driven by the belief that passion for horses can be combined with astute investment strategies to achieve remarkable success.


The name “NorCordia” encompasses the fundamental principles that define us. “Nor” signifies our Nordic heritage, while “Cordia” represents the profound assurance of the heart. We deliver to our valued clients. These pillars form the bedrock of our organization.


We extend a warm invitation to you to join NorCordia, where our unwavering commitment to Horses For LIFE is more than a mission statement. It’s a promise.

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