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About Catherine

Catherine Haddad (born March 26, 1964) is a Lebanese-American dressage rider, trainer, and businesswoman known for her successful career in international dressage competitions, her dedication to the sport, and her creation of the classical close contact Stübben Genesis Spezial. She has represented the United States in numerous national and international events, achieving over 150 top ten placings and wins at the Grand Prix level.

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"The name 'NorCordia' encompasses the fundamental principles that define us. 'Nor' signifies our Nordic heritage, while 'Cordia' represents the profound assurance of the heart. These pillars form the bedrock of our organization.


We extend a warm invitation to you to join NorCordia, where our unwavering commitment to Horses For LIFE is more than a mission statement. It’s a promise."

- Catherine Haddad

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